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This Roman road project is powered by POWERPROGRESSIVEART.

It is the integrated cultural-touristic product that can be implemented in the cultural-touristic offer of tourist boards, agencies, institutions, cultural organizations, and the local population activities. This project serves as a platform for future cooperation with certain target groups. It has been commenced to facilitate new projects supported by the structural EU funds in order to get financial sustainability.

The goal of the Roman road project is to raise awareness of the importance of the cultural-monument heritage in Croatia and the EU by creating an integrated cultural product. Another goal of this project is to enhance the implementation of such a product in the cultural and economic offer of the local population supported by the POWERPROGRESSIVEART Association through an innovative approach to cultural and archaeological tourism. The specific aim of the Roman road project is to strengthen the interaction of local administrative, local population and the guests,  tourists in the creation of the project that is an authentic Croatian cultural product.

Since the beginning in 2011 POWERPROGRESSIVEART's Art Platform Salona is an art and cultural practice that gathers a large number of national and foreign experts in the practices of art, archaeology, art history, museum pedagogy, restoration, and conservation. Each year, the Art Platform Salona has engaged more and more institutions, cultural organizations, local administrative, smaller and bigger entrepreneurs. Thus logically, emerged the Roman road project. 

Connecting Salona and Narona by the Roman road, the POWERPROGRESSIVEART Association bounds two established activities - the Art Platform Salona and the Art and Education Platform Narona - into a unique encircled complex.

We have announced this project to our possible partners in 2012 (referencing it to the similar project of the Ministry of Tourism of the RS). These were the cities that accepted our collaboration proposal in the project: Split, Imotski and Metkovic, and the municipalities who accepted our collaboration in the project: Lovrec, Cista Velika,  Cista Provo, Runovici and Vid. These are the museums and collections who accepted our collaboration proposal: the Split City Museum, the Archaeological Museum in Split, the Museum of the Croatian Archaeological Monuments, Regional Museum Trilj, St Anthony Monastery in Humac, Narona Archaeological Museum in Vid and the Ornithology Collection in Metkovic (since 2015 - the Natural History Museum Metkovic). The Universities in Zagreb, Split, Zadar and the University of Mostar also accepted our proposal as well as numerous entrepreneurs and motor-clubs along the Roman Road.

This is the Roman Road project in phases:

PHASE 1: Collaborating possibilities

Multiculturalism, a fusion of happenings, performances, lectures and an exhibition held at the Art Platform Salona in 2012 was the ground position for conducting the Roman Road project. POWERPROGRESSIVEART gathered a large auditorium with these events, especially with the guests who responded to the invitation and were involved in some of the art actions: Suncica Foundation, the foundation for the women raped in the Croatian War of Independence, the threatened workers of Jadrankamen, Brodosplit, Adriakem, and Visocani Quarry, as well as MC Streetrunners who also contributed as their public work is involved in charity work for uninhabited children and disabled children.  

Multiculturalism also hosted our first two speakers and was a platform where Bacchanalia was conceived.

The Art and Education Platform Narona was a platform where POWERPROGRESSIVEART upstarted the Roman Road project on the other end of Salona to Narona Roman Road on November 4th, 2012 at the Narona  Archaeological Museum.


PHASE 2:Production of the art material for designated Roman Road milestones


The Art Platform Salona in 2013 - Ave, Imperator, morituri te salutant! was conducted from July 27th till August 12th, 2013 as a formal beginning - the second phase - and as a material base of the Roman road project. On the 12th of August in 2013 the sculptures - the milestones presenting the Roman emperors were placed at some municipalities and city centers from Salona to Narona in cooperation with the local administration.

The lectures of the archaeologists and a museum educator with a Roman Road as a guideline for their display was the first series of speakers conducted at the Art Platform Salona, the Assemblies.

At the Art and Education Platform Narona in 2013 Agora, we have marked the end of the European Year of Citizens that enabled Europeans to meet their rights and possibilities acquired by the EU Membership as well as the possibility of participating in Civil forums on politics and European issues.


PHASE 3: Mapping of the Roman Road, lectures and the production of the purple signalization

In 2014, we have presented this project in the lecture: Ana Gizdic - From Salona to Narona at the County Professional Congress of the professors of Fine Arts at Klovicevi dvori in Zagreb and at the Academy of Fine Art University of Mostar, Graphic Department by Marija Srsen.

The same year we have had conducted Artefacts, the production of lino-graphics for the purple signaling along the Roman road according to the Tabula Peutingeriana, which was the next phase of our project.

We were ready for the last phase of a project - a festival that should engage all the mentioned and collaborating institutions and individuals. 


CONCLUSION: So occurred the collaboration with Prokultura - Observatory on Cultural Policies and the Office of State Administration in Split - Dalmatia County by courtesy of Ms Nansi Ivanisevic who recognized our endeavour and enthusiasm. This collaboration produced: The International Project inspired by the antique period - Heritage and local development within the Rendez-vous Festival of France in Croatia.

We took this project as far as it could go considering the circumstances. It was devised as a comprehensive and large platform for community activities and development. We got to know many good, positive, selfless people along this road. We also got to know people to whom the personal interests are more important than the global benefit from which they could benefit themselves. Rendez-vous Festival was the best thing that could happen to the Roman Road project transforming it back into its cultural focus.

Omnia tempus habent.

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