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NARONA, 2011 - 2014                                                                       reference to the text 

Art and Education platform conducted by Marija Srsen, the Operations Director of POWERPROGRESSIVEART was situated @ Narona Archaeological Museum, Augusteum of COLONIA IULIA NARONA during the period 2011 - 2014. It evolved around the abundant cultural and natural heritage of the Neretva Delta.

Through this platform, we managed to display a contemporary method of public education - through art - the exhibitions in cooperation with Narona Archaeological Museum thus building an awareness of one's own heritage. By engaging the Narona Archaeological Museum, schools, Dubrovnik-Neretva County, the City of Metkovic and municipalities administrative, we have connected people situated in the Neretva Delta array to many possibilities of presenting, exploring and living their abundant cultural and natural heritage. Thus Narona Junior became included in the Annual Curriculum of schools in the Neretva Delta array.


Sky above Dubrovnik Littoral.

photo: Ana Gizdic


Time                                                                                                    reference to the text 


The art part of the Art and Education Platform Narona2014 was created for short, productive and fun examination of the time parameter in physics, history, and archaeology. Methodology for these examinations, in comparison to today's society, culture (also subculture) and political views on certain aspects of everyday life, was conducted through games, roads, trade, copyright, references and referentiality, and our heritage. We hope you'll enjoy our products. 


1. What causes Time? What does Time cause?

Quantum systems, quantum mechanics, quantum fluctuations. Briscola and Tresette

Many physicists have suggested that the problem with time is that it's not actually real but a property that emerges from something more fundamental, just as an object can feel solid even though it is mostly made up of empty space. According to the astrophysicist, Neil Tyson Degrasse* time is invented so that motion would look simple. The reckoning of time (vibration) only exists because we have things that are repeated - vibrations that are repeated. According to theoretical physicist Lee Smolin** time - is real. He believes that time is so real that everything, even the supposedly timeless laws of physics are subject to it.

The dearest to our matrix0-non-borg-collective hearts,  theoretical physicist and cosmologist, Lawrence Maxwell Krauss says: "Empty space is complicated. It is a boiling brew of virtual particles that pop-up in and out of existence in a time so short we cannot see them directly. Virtual particles are manifestations of a basic property of quantum systems. At the heart of quantum mechanics is a rule that sometimes governs politicians or CEOs - as long as no one is watching, anything goes. Systems continue to move, if just momentarily, between all possible states, including states that would not be allowed if the system were actually being measured. These "quantum fluctuations“ imply something essential about the quantum world: nothing always produces something, if only for an instant."*

POWERPROGRESSIVEART has a measuring system for this dubious phenomenon - a Briscola. With it, we can kill and shorten the time. We can also, pass the time. The Briscola empirically approves the mentioned possibilities of overmastering time (for which many physicists go to CERN). The Briscola was our tool of proving some physics laws as well as laws of human nature according to L. Krauss - as long as no one is watching, anything goes. Along with the Tresette, it is a "must-have" accessory during any event powered by POWERPROGRESSIVEART. (intro: Ana Gizdic)

* Neil Tyson Degrasse, "Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey", Public Broadcasting Service, Arlington, Virginia, 2014

  Lee Smolin, "Time Reborn: From the Crisis in Physics to the Future of the Universe", Mariner Books & Houghton     

  Mifflin Harcourt, Boston - New York, 2013

  Lawrence Maxwell Krauss: "A Universe From Nothing", Free Press, New York, 2012


2. Temporal singularity

This call is addressed a priori to an artist who is self-centered and turned to a personal advantage in a country where art endures. This call is addressed to institutions and an individual who does the same by stealing and downloading ideas verbatim for which he/she does not know how to develop any further and by doing so - lowers the value of the original input impact. (..) Read more                                                                       

3. When is the right time?

The social aspects of archaeological excavation, preservation and public presentation.


Continuing 3-yrs of work on our Roman Road project and our keyword "archaeological tourism" we made this platform to encourage and achieve further investment for all archaeological sites across Croatia, Europe, and the world. The specific goal is - by making socially engaged art we could create socially engaged archaeology -  archaeology that includes all parties working and developing similar ideas to the benefit of all: there is no private property in the world's heritage.

There also should not be piracy and particularization of someone's idea in gaining benefits for solely personal advantage by downloading verbatim that same idea and not have the vaguest notion of the next input. Such archaeology, also art, tourism, science, and all other expertise and professions should be for the community benefit.

Thus, the Gods made references. Use them.

For example:

In the scientific research written by Igor Borzic and Ivana Jadric: "New Supplements to an Archaeological topography of the Dugopolje region", Archaeologia Croatica I, 2007., 145-173* it said: "Although the project of the state highway Zagreb - Dubrovnik sometimes gives us a bad feeling due to the undermining of natural, also cultural, mostly archaeological heritage, we must be honest and say that if it wasn't for this project, certain areas would be in far from satisfactory condition in an archaeological-topographical manner. The legislative which imposes that during the construction of any road, the future trace must be archaeologically recognizance and explored resulted in numerous localities from all periods. Being aware that almost 99,99% of those irretrievably vanished from the face of the earth, they are however being charted to archaeological maps of certain areas."  

On the highway section Split (Dugopolje) - Ploce POWERPROGRESSIVEART intervened with red squares on white road stripes (red water-based color) and auxiliary traffic accessories. This action was partly made during September and October of 2014 at the time when a petition for a referendum on Croatian's Highway was launched.

As we have emphasized many times before, one of the most important achievements of the Roman Empire a - the roads. The roads were used for transferring armies, maintaining commerce, for migrations of population. Besides the obvious function, roads showed the power of the Empire. Anne Kolb in her lecture held at the Amphitheatre at the International expert assembly at the art platform Salona2013 expresses: 

"A significant characteristic in this process was the rigorous application of a linear conception of space: that is, creating a direct, and as straight as possible a connection which is capable of surmounting topographical obstacles, if need be, by means of elaborate constructions. The concrete erection of these structures in the terrain is at the same time a monumental demonstration of supreme technological expertise, as was manifested equally clearly in the epigraphic monuments. As an instrument for rendering space accessible and open for exploration, the road infrastructure graphically symbolizes Rome’s all-encompassing claim to rule and its power."**

In the end, the exquisite Roman road infrastructure was used by numerous later conquerors of the former Roman Empire domain. Including POWERPROGRESSIVEART. (intro: Ana Gizdic)

4. Causality >> 

"There is only one constant, one universal - causality. Action, reaction. Cause and effect."*  

* Matrix Reloaded movie (2003)


When is the right time? PAGE_AGAINST_THE_MACHINE.



Quantum systems, quantum mechanics, quantum fluctuations. 

Briscola -  on a killing spree!, photo: Berislava Gizdic

The Web by Ana Gizdic

Temporal singularity - The Web: Ana Gizdic, photo: Marija Srsen













Performative action PowerProgressiveArt did on the Highway clip Dugopolje - Ploce during the referendum on monetization of the Croatian highways Ne damo nase autoceste - We won't give our motorway

Causality: Croatia Tangerine by Ana Gizdic, Georgette Yvette Ponte and Marija Srsen

Participating artists: Ivona Biocic Mandic, Ana Gizdic, Livia Maricic, Mario Pitesa, Georgette Yvette Ponte, Marija Srsen. Participating schools were: the Primary School Opuzen with professor Nediljka Penovic and the Primary School Vladimir Nazor, Ploce with the professor Marija Cupic Senta along with the children from Vid.

Narona2014 was conducted in collaboration with Narona Archaeological Museum and the City of Metkovic with the donations of Luje Masonry, Duda i Mate Restaurant and Filip d. o. o.


Agora                                                                                                  reference to the text 



Art and Education Platform Narona in 2013 emphasized the importance of making a valid and moral paradigm by gathering citizens and routing their activity towards the cultural heritage of Narona hidden inside and under their homes, their yards, their working spaces, villages, and cities, particularly in this archaeological area.


Private property in this specific area should be observed and maintained as public property under the protection of the Museum by notable legislative and accordingly regulate valuable Greco-Roman fund of the Neretva Delta. It is already the center of enforcement summoning artists, associations, schools and individuals for the creation and actualizing ideas. The museum as such should be the main actuator for the development of cultural and archaeological tourism of the Neretva Delta .   


With this theme, we've also marked the end of the European Year of Citizens that enabled Europeans to meet their rights and possibilities acquired by the EU Membership as well as the possibility of participating in Civil forums on politics and European issues.

Hrvoje Manenica, the Curator for late Medieval and Modern age at the Archaeological Museum in Zadar and an ex-director of the Narona Archaeological Museum stated: "The opening of the museum entirely changed Vid and its life. From a small village, it developed into a recognizable destination on the cultural and tourist map of Croatia and Europe as well. The economic development of Vid was stimulated too. People from Vid are very proud of the museum and they look forward to every guest who comes to visit Vid and its museum..."  Read more @ The Best in Heritage

This year we have vested the awards, the replicas of the antique jewelry, to the Muses of POWERPROGRESSIVEART with whom support and contribution the Art and Education Platform Narona, as well as the Art Platform Salona, were conducted. The awarded Muses are Zdenka Gizdic, Elvira Smoje, Jelena Blajic, Michele Gizdic, Jadranka Bubic, Duska Matas, Iva Zokic, Stefanija Skare and Rogena Curic.


Opening Ceremony of Art and Education Pl

The opening ceremony by the courtesy of Mr Nikola Grmoja, the Deputy mayor of Metkovic and Mr Toni Glucina, the Director of Narona Archaeological Museum. Photo: Ana Gizdic

Participating artist and educators were: Marija Cupic Senta, Ana Gizdic, Josko Klaric, Ante Leko, Nediljka Penovic and Mariia Srsen. Participating schools were: the Primary School Opuzen with professor Nediljka Penovic and the Primary School Vladimir Nazor, Ploce with the professor Marija Cupic Senta along with Snjezana Delmic with children from Vid. 


Narona2013 was conducted in collaboration with Narona Archaeological Museum and the City of Metkovic with the donations of PGM Ragusa, Agrofructus d. o. o., Habitus d. d., Tehnodelta d. o. o., ISA d. o. o. and Adria Restaurant.


Water. An organism of coexistence.                                                 reference to the text 



The exhibition themed Water is awakening the presence of rich natural and cultural treasures of the Neretva Delta, a nature reserve appropriated by the Ramsar Convention. It is intertwined with the art and education platform for children and students, Narona Junior.


The Neretva Delta contains the greatest and most valuable remains of Mediterranean wetlands in Croatia and is one of the few remaining in Europe*. The wetland habitat, a diverse ecosystem at the pathway of permanent water surfaces and dry land always had a significant part in the development of civilization as they foremost develop in river valleys and floodplains. In this case, it is Narona, an archaeological site of the Greco-Roman inheritance.

The people of the Neretva Delta have been taming this river for centuries for their survival had been completely dependent on it, so the sea it flows into. Neretva directs motion, cuts paths, it is a path. It is Norin, Great Neretva, Small Neretva, Black River... It creates, destroys and supplies, it is to behold, to be ready for all its changes – floods, stream changes, periodical droughts, fish migration, bird migration... We, POWERPROGRESSIVEART, an Association dedicated to the glorification of cultural and natural heritage, wanted to create an artistic reaction venerable of that strength.

An exhibition is constituted out of ten artworks. All of the artworks are situated outdoors as they are attached to natural water processes and are subordinated to its denoted changes as well as rain, stormwater, fog, dew, etc. Almost every artwork requires the restoration of its mechanism. We dedicate these artworks to all manifestations of water for water is an organism with which we coexist on our planet, Earth. 

Water. An Organism of Coexistence.

Gifts to the water: fish/leaf/trupa - the rhythm of padalling by Nikola Faller. Performance conducted by Nikola Faller and Martin Boras.

Photo: Ana Gizdic

Narona2012 was a place POWERPROGRESSIVEART upstarted the  Roman Road project on the other end of Salona to Narona Roman Road at the exhibition opening on November 4th, 2012 at the Narona  Archaeological Museum by binding the purple drapery onto the very Museum. 

Also, at Narona2012 POWERPROGRESSIVEART created a working art platform for the children of Vid, Junior Neretva Buccaneers with coordinators Mr Ivan Vuica and Mr Svetko Ramic and participating professor Nediljka Penovic with the Primary School Opuzen.

Narona2012 was conducted in collaboration with the Narona Archaeological Museum and the City of Metkovic with the donations of PGM Ragusa, Agrofructus d. o. o., Habitus d. d., Tehnodelta d. o. o. and Adria Restaurant.


The Birds - Art Collection @ Ornithology Collection                     reference to the text 



The first of the art projects at the Narona platform created in 2011 is called The Birds. The Birds incurred in collaboration with the Narona Archaeological Museum, a place that gathers tourists, people interested in art, history, archaeology and the cultural heritage of Neretva's underflow.

The goal was to create an annual art platform for work in art and education. By involving the main facility of public education, the Narona Archaeological Museum we've managed to draw young people, professors, students and schools who entered our next art project Water in the following year, 2012.

The theme of the art project The Birds consolidated the space of the Neretva Delta through natural, historical and cultural entities. The former Greek and Roman wetland contain a rich and unexploited cultural and historical background which co-exists with abundant flora and fauna. Many sources allege Cato the younger as the first to have left the inscriptions on this theme. According to the City of Metkovic's documentation and wiki source*, the Naturhistorisches Museum Wien still holds the eggs collected by a certain J. Finger that are the only proof verifying the breed of the Dalmatian pelican (Pelecanus Crispus) nested in the Neretva Delta. The same data also says that "...(the) interest for Neretva revived just after The Second World War when Dragutin Rucner, a young lover of ornithology began to visit Delta. Due to the friendships he had assembled, he facilitated the founding of ornithology collection."

The Birds became a part of the Ornithology Collection

The Ornithology Collection became the Natural History Museum in 2015, thus the artworks are now part of a permanent exhibition in the Museum and that collection is NATURA HEREDITAS.

* Vodomar. Tycho Brahe. E.coli. Emxbot. MajaSimFan. Suradnik 13. Jure Grm. Ornitološka zbirka u Metkovicu. Wikipedia. 2006-2010


Start. Ana Gizdic.

Start, sculpture by Ana Gizdic.

Photo: Marija Srsen

Narona2011 was conducted by Marija Srsen and Ana Gizdic in collaboration with Narona Archaeological Museum and the City of Metkovic with the donations of PGM Ragusa, Agrofructus d. o. o. and Press Pecat.

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Gizdić, Ana. Sršen, Marija. Art and Education Platform Narona.  POWERPROGRESSIVEART. 2011 - 2014. 

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