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The official languages of the Congress were English and Croatian.


Debate moderators: Ivona Seselj, POWERPROGRESSIVEART,


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This congress gathers experts, enthusiasts, and representatives of organizations in the field of environment protection, education, culture, art, lawyers and representatives of institutions for the preservation of nature.

The congress should answer the following questions: Which conventions and current laws preserve the rich heritage of the delta of the Neretva river from economic and touristic exploitation? In which way can the local population be included in the decision making process with regard to natural heritage management for the purpose of protecting the natural resources which it uses and benefits from? In what way can citizens be educated by adapting to their age groups? What are the possibilities, responsibilities, and obligations of individuals, associations, organizations and/or institutions regarding the protection of their own habitat? How much can art, art organizations, institutions, in general, perform regarding the process of protection and renewal of natural resources, especially in cooperation with the local authorities and local population who own these resources? In what way can citizens be educated with regard to smart management of natural resources in private ownership and the influence of such management on the global health environment? What are the examples of good practice?

This interdisciplinary congress should be the place for sharing experiences but also by applying the acquired knowledge, we should become aware of the importance of the large natural resources and the diversity of the Neretva Delta. We should also enforce our personal understanding of the values of pristine nature and its, albeit limited regeneration and of course become aware of the importance of lifelong learning about the afore-mentioned and linked topics. 

(intro Ana Gizdic)

We wish to thank to Ms Meri Rogosic, the former President of Divina natura and an active community member who has helped organize this Congress.


9th December, 2016, Friday


Tobias Salathé, Ramsar Convention Secretariat: 

Wet-Land islands to survive


Neven Trenc Croatian Agency for Environment and Nature: 

Neretva Delta – Natural Values


Marija Srsen in lieu of Ana Gizdic, POWERPROGRESSIVEART:  

The Art, Science and Education Platform


Mirjana Tomasevic Dancevic InSEA International Society for Education through Art - HRV-InSEA: 

The HRV-InSEA and Art/Education: Promotion of Environment and Cultural Heritage Protection and Connection of Art and Science



Nature out of numbers


Tanja Stanic, Eko Mala Sirena

Linking science and culture – Social engagement of organizations and artists through collaborative projects developed on educational, environmental and aesthetic level


Celia Gregory, The Marine Foundation:

Living Sculptures in the Sea 

10th December, 2016, Friday


Sonja Nikolic, Ruder Boskovic Institute: 

CroArtScia - Art, Science and Education

Enes Cerimagic, Zelena akcija: 

Zelena akcija's Experience in Public Advocacy Work

Marjan Prevodnik, National Education Institute Slovenia: 

Visual and artistic literacy as one of the key competencies that helps us in dealing with the issues of ecology and sustainability development

Jelena Matokovic, Lastovo islands Nature Park: Ten years of nature conservation


Slideshow gallery picture/ HOME - ASSEMBLIES AND CONGRESSES / Discussion, first day: Mr Tobias Salathe and Mr Neven Trenc @ Merlot Hotel, photo: Bojan Mance Brezovic

Divine Abundant Powerweb

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       (International Interdisciplinary Conference)

Powerweb Science

Gathering @ Natural History Museum Metkovic

Photographer: Bojan Mance Brezovic


Ms. Marija Srsen and Ms. Livia Maricic, organization team

Photographer: Bojan Mance Brezovic


Ms. Ivona Seselj, moderator, Ms. Jelena Matokovic, speaker and Ms. Marina Djira, moderator, 

photo: Bojan Mance Brezovic

Tobias Salathe

Mr. Tobias Salathe, Ms. Sonja Nikolic and Ms. Mirjana Tomasevic Dancevic @ Merlot Hotel

Photographer: Bojan Mance Brezovic

Gizdić, Ana. Delta - International Interdisciplinary Congress - intro. POWERWEB. POWERPROGRESSIVEART. 2016.

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